My BaD EnGLiSH WRiTiNg...


Am I jealousy man? Did I? Never think about it before. But now, I think that I’m should be jealousy. Why?? Because my English language is too bad. How I can get improve on it? Get Europe girlfriend? Marry with foreigner? Is that a good solution?

I have no idea what I’m trying to say right now. My feeling is not well this time. Think about friends, about life.. LIFE?? Am my life is good now? Am I? don’t be complaint about life.. it’s made the same like we complaint about His job..? who are we?? Is that a big enough to asking Him? Subhanallah.. keep on expression of gratitude to Allah.

May my life, my job, my friends, my livelihood is become better day by day.. Syukur Ya Allah.. nearing to mu engagement day.. hope it will happen fluent. Happy fasting all the muslim.. Alhamdulillah….

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My feeling is not well this time--> awat? feeling hang x sihat ka?

hhaha.. aku sakit mata kot.. huhu..

perghh... hang kena bulan 8 gak. aku pun sama. cuti sampai 3 minggu. by the way, pasaipa x update blog dah ni?

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